Scottish Mid Trail Championships Results, Sat 17 May 2014

Senior Results
Under 15 and Under 17 Results

Venue: Falkland, Fife
Date: Saturday 17 May 2014

Course Map




Under 15 Boys 11.30am 12.00 noon 5K
Under 15 Girls 11.35am 12.05pm 5K
Under 17 Men 12.00 noon 12.30pm 5K
Under 17 Women 12.05pm 12.35pm 5K
Women 12.30am 1.00pm 10 kilometres
Men 13.30pm 2.00pm 15 kilometres


(1) Entries close first post on Wednesday 7th May 2014 and must be accompanied by the correct remittance.

(2) Cheques to be made payable to ‘Scottish Athletics’.

(3) Acknowledgement of entry will be given if requested by email.

(4) Individual Medals for Under 15’s (born during 1st September 1998 and 31st August 2000), Under 17’s (born during 1st September 1996 and 31st August 1998), Under 20’s (born during 1st September 1993 and 31st August 1996), Senior and Masters (age 40 on the day of the race).

(5) Team medals with 3 to count will be awarded for the U15 and U17 Championships, 4 to count for the woman’s U20, senior and masters championship (combined) and 6 to count in the men’s U20, senior and masters (combined) championship.

(6) Athletes who compete in an SAL championship MUST be current members of the Scottish Athletics Membership Scheme. Furthermore, an entered athlete MUST not be substituted by a non-entered athlete at any time.

The above two issues are so important that the RR&CC Commission asks Club Secretaries and team managers for this co-operation in enforcing these rules.


The Commission will, however, closely monitor athletes and Clubs not observing these rules. Any transgression may result in a disciplinary procedure.



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