Grievance Procedure

Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure

Any member, coach or parent who has a complaint or grievance should raise it with the appropriate coach or member of the Trustee Committee. If the matter cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of both parties a formal written complaint should be made and a copy of it sent to the Secretary of the club.

Where a junior member (under 18 years old) has a grievance or complaint they should raise it with the welfare officer who if required, will assist in setting it in writing for onward transmittal to the Trustees.

On receipt of a written complaint the Trustees will investigate and seek to resolve the matter quickly. If the matter is not easily resolved a Complaints Panel will be set up consisting of 2 Trustee Committee members who have no connection to the complaint.

The Complaints Panel will invite the member making the complaint to attend a meeting to discuss the complaint. The member may wish to be accompanied by a colleague, parent or fellow member to provide evidence or moral support. Following this meeting the subject of the complaint will be advised about the nature of the complaint and invited to attend a meeting of the Complaints Panel.  The subject of the complaint will be given reasonable opportunity to consider their response to the complaint.

If the subject of the complaint does not attend the meeting, the Complaints Panel will consider the complaint in their absence, adjourn the meeting or take other action they deem appropriate.

After the meeting the panel will inform  both the member making the complaint and the subject of the complaint of its decision and the reasons behind the decision.

The Complaints Panel will advise the Trustees of the outcome of the investigation and may recommend a suitable course of action as defined by the UK athletics Disciplinary Code. The Complaints Panel’s decision is final.

The Trustees have the power to take appropriate disciplinary action including termination of the membership of the subject of the complaint.

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