Committee and Office Bearers

President – Jim Goudie*

Hon. President – Ann McGarva

Past President – Jason Pender*

Hon. Vice President – Arthur Smith

Secretary – Elaine Green*

Treasurer – Jim Goudie*

Coaching Adviser –

Minute Secretary – Max McFarlane*

Captain – Claire Gibson

Coaching Convener – Ricky Miell*

Members – Jim Green*

Finance Convener – John Rodger*

Male Roads/Cross Country Conveners

Men – Donald Petrie

Boys – John Rodger*

Women’s Roads/Cross Country Conveners

Women – Christina Rankin

Girls – Janet Gillham*

Male T&F Convener


Track & Field Young Athletes

Janet Gillham* & John Rodger*

Scottish Men’s League

Morag Cunningham*

Senior Women’s League (Team West)

Ricky Miell

Rules and Records

Morag Cunningham

Membership Secretary

Jeni Thomson

Hills Convener – Max McFarlane Indoor Convener – Morag Cunningham*

Child Protection Officers

Max McFarlane* & Jacquie Lochans

Parent Reps

Andrew Stark* Janet Gillham*

West District Rep – Mike Belch*

Renfrewshire AAA Rep – Arthur Smith

Club Together Officer – Robert Hawkins

* – Committee Member


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