Coaching Clinic

Below are articles that the coaches at Kilbarchan have found useful in coaching their groups.
Some of the articles have been written by various Kilbarchan Coaches.

Please feel free to use any of the articles and templates in this section.

Always looking for new articles to keep our Coaches up to date with new ideas.

General Conditioning & Mobility

Ideas for Circuit Sessions                by Jason Pender

Mobility Ideas To Do At Home          by Jason Pender

Circuits You Can Do At Home          by Jason Pender

Stability Exercises                            unknown

General Training articles

Cool Down                                       by Ricky Miell

Energy System overview                   by Ricky Miell

Getting the Basics Right                   by Graham Ravenscroft

Dynamic warm up

RAMP Warm Up                             by Ian Jeffreys BA(Hons), MSc, CSCS*D, ASCC, NSCA-CPT*D

Strength & Conditioning

Training For Explosive Power


Nutrition For Power Athletes Complete

Injury Advice

Before Starting Running

A Guide to Handling Hamstring Injuries for the Coach

What To Do With Your Walking Wounded

Sprints & Relays

Example of Training Sessions                             by Jason Pender

Relay Drills for improving the baton exchange       by Ricky Miell

Relay Example Training program                         by Ricky Miell

Acceleration & Blocks Mechanics                       by Tony Hadley

Physical Preparation for Speed                          by Matt Wood Bsc MA Ascc

UKA Sprints & Hurdles ADM V1.0

Classifying Sprint Training Methods

Sprint Mechanics

Sprint Mechanic Drills


Hurdle Flexibility Drills                           by Ricky Miell

Development of the Sprint Hurdles          by Tony Veney


Add Flavour to Your Distance Running     by Derek Parker

Mind Over Matter                                   by Derek Parker

Pace Changes for the Long Run              by Derek Parker

How to Improve You 10k Time                 by Derek Parker


Javelin                                                   by Karen Costello



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