Whatever event you are interested in, the club provides coaching on Tuesday and Thursday evenings generally from 7:00pm to 8:45pm. Some groups train more frequently on other days of the week or at the weekend. The Lead Coach for each group will confirm which days and venue to attend. All KAAC coaches are qualified to UK Athletics standard. KAAC offers coaching in various disciplines of athletics.

Upon joining, young members will either join the Run, Jump & Throw group or the Development Group. Both of these groups offer the young athlete a broad experience of different events, how to train properly, safely, warm up and cool down and also track etiquette. At the appropriate time young athletes will progress to one of the Event Specific Groups for athletes who wish to progress in a specific event. All athletes will receive appropriate training based on the Age & Stage Development Model as advised by Scottish Athletics.

New members, especially younger ones, often join the club with an interest in a particular event (say distance running) but find that, in fact they are more suited to a quite different event. Budding sprinters often find that they are also good at hurdling or long jump. This is the benefit of joining a multi-event coached group at the beginning rather than settling on a particular event at that time. For further information see the

KAAC Athlete Development Pathway and KAAC Coaching Structure on the website.

Members who join the clubs coaching groups are expected to compete for the club when selected and enter relevant Championships as the primary objective of the club is to provide coaching AND competition. Coaches will advise each athlete on suitable competition to suit their progression in athletics

New members and parents can obtain full advice on the coaching system when they join the club from the Athlete Induction officer or the Coaching Coordinator.

Coaching Education
Just as athletes seek to continuously improve, a coach should also seek to improve their knowledge and to know as much as possible about the training that effects the athlete’s aspirations. Therefore KAAC recognises that the education and development of their coaches is central to the success of the Athletes and the Club. KAAC are committed to supporting the ongoing development of coaches in every event, at every level both with internal mentoring and encourage our coaches to attend Coach Education & Development Programmes at local and national level. Coaches can request funding from the KAAC committee to attend any course. For further information on coach education contact the Coaching Coordinator.

The club will assist you on your Coaching Pathway but in return require coaches to actively be involved in coaching the club’s athletes at least one day/week. Coaching assistants have to be a minimum of 18 years of age.

KAAC have a database of coaching articles available to download in our Coaching Clinic page. Coach education information is available at this websiteUcoach. All coaches are actively encouraged to submit articles for inclusion to the database, particularly from courses attended.

Coach Education Booklet

Coaching Recruitment
All the club’s coaches work on a purely voluntary basis, giving up many hours of their personal time to help their group members. There is a limit to how many athletes an individual coach can manage effectively. With this in mind KAAC are continually looking for new coaches or helpers. Any parent or athlete who wishes to become involved with coaching should contact the Coaching coordinator for further information. Anyone new to coaching will be mentored by a more experienced coach and work with the coaches group of athletes.
To assist you on your Coaching Pathway see the Coaching Education decision tree.

Coaching Groups
KAAC have coaching groups and training groups which cater for a wide range of ages and ability covering all events. Entry level for U11s is the Run, Jump &Throw Group. For older athletes entry level is the Development Group with the next level being the Event Specific Groups. For further information see Athlete Development Pathway and Coaching Structure.

All the club’s Coaches are qualified to UK Athletics standard and are all CRB cleared. Details of all our coaches are available on our

Meet the Coaches” page. The Club has a Coaching Advisor who is always available to give advice on any aspect of training.

The coach’s role is to provide stimulating and challenging experiences to help each individual to achieve their goals whether this is to gain a new PB or win Championship events but most of to enjoy the experience of athletics.

Further details of all aspects of coaching can be found at the links below ~

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