Some notes on the club history by Arthur Smith. 
1924 is the oldest recorded formation of the club, tho’ it is likely that there was something prior.
In 1924, one of the members was Nat Hayes, like David Cummings, a member of Paisley Harriers. Nat continued to run for Paisley Harriers but around 1930, began to compete for Kilbarchan and was one of their top runners.
Later in life, Nat became Provost of Johnstone. He died a number of years ago but there is still a family link to the club as his granddaughter is Elaine Eadie, who had been a regular member of the girls group in recent years ..
After the apparent demise of the club in 1955, organisation was still there to keep going the annual Kilbarchan Relay for the Marshall Trophy and there were some efforts to get the Club going again. The most successful prior to 1974, was in 1963, which lasted for 2 years. In 1964, the club won the boys race at the South West District XC Champs, a member of the team being Gardner Masson. 
Photo taken in Kilbarchan Park, 6 August 1910
1910 Kilbarchan Park1990 at Johnstone High School
1990 group at Johnstone HS


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Kilbarchan Amateur Athletic Club is based in the county of Renfrewshire approx. 12 miles south west of Glasgow Follow us on Twitter @kilbarchanaac