Renfrewshire AAA Cross Country Relays


  • Sunday 20th October


  • Netherpollock Playing Fields, 49 Haggs Road G41 4AP

Further Information:

  • There is no parking at the venue, the advice is to park in adjacent streets.
  • There is no club bus to this event.
  • Please be there 90 mins before your race so teams can be declared.

Race start times are:

Boys U11 3x1mile 12.00pm
Girls U11 3x1mile 12.30pm
Boys U13 3×1.5 miles 1.00pm
Girls U13 3×1.5 miles 1.00pm
Boys U15 3×1.5 miles 1.30pm
Girls U15 3×1.5 miles 1.30pm
Men U17 3×1.5 miles 2.00pm
Women U17 3×1.5 miles 2.00pm
Senior Men (incl U20) 4×2.5 miles 2.30pm
Senior women (incl U20 3×2.5 miles 2.30pm



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