2019 New Membership Fees

At the Club AGM on 24th October 2018, it was agreed to raise the membership subscription fees, these were last increased in 2014.  

From 01 April 2019 new membership fees will apply as follows: –

Track, Field and Road athletes

£16.00 per month

Students (18+) 

£10.00 per month

Road Runners (no track usage) 

£8.00   per month

Road Runner (no track usage, No SA)

£6.00   per month

Non-resident athletes

£8.00   per month

Supporting Member (e.g. coach/committee) 

£12.00 per annum

Family of 3 membership 

£30.00 per month

Family of 4+ Membership


£36.00 per month


£30.00 per annum

Second Claim athletes (No SA)


£12.00 per annum

For existing members, new payments will be phased in by age group, and each member will be contacted directly from 01 April 2019.  Please amend your standing order to the new payment amount.  This can be done through your online banking facility.

Any queries about the new fees should be send to the club secretary at kilbarchanaacsecretary@outlook.com



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