National XC Relays, Cumbernauld, Sat 28 Oct 2017

Scottish Athletics National Cross Country Relay Championships
Saturday 28 October 2017
Cumbernauld House, Cumbernauld, G67 3JG
Young Female Athletes


Race Start Times
1200hrs Young Females (Declarations Close 1130hrs)
1240hrs Young Males (Declarations Close 1210hrs)
1320hrs Sen/Jun Females (Declarations Close 1250hrs)
1445hrs Sen/Jun Males (Declarations Close 1415hrs)

Declarations are at the Course.
Young Females and Young Males declarations open at 10am.
Women’s and Men’s declarations open at 1115am.
Senior/Junior Women will run 4 Laps – Masters and W50+ will run3 laps as in previous years.

2017 Course Map

Due to the New School build at Cumbernauld High School, there will be a PARK AND RIDE system operating from St Maurice’s High School, North Road, Cumbernauld G68 9AG
There will be a minibus shuttle system operating from 0830hrs until 1630hrs between the High School and Meadow View near the course.
Those teams arriving by Coach will be able to drop off athletes on the ring road who will then be able to walk to the course.
CLUB TENTS can be dropped off at the Theatre Car Park – this will be DROP OFF only cars will not be permitted to p
ark in the theatre car park whilst tents are taken to the course. Car Drivers must have adequate help to drop off tents and return to St Maurice’s High School.
Please car share if at all possible, the school car park will fill up.
There will be access to toilets at the school .
There is NO PUBLIC PARKING at the course.
Officials & staff parking by permit only near the course (details and permits will be sent out separately).
The course is approximately 10mins bus transfer from the High School.
Any Car illegally parked will be subject to local Police measures, which may include ticketing or removal.

There will be food available to purchase at the course along with toilets.
Toilets within St Maurice’s School will be available for use. Do not use Cumbernauld Park as a toilet, use the facilities provided. FREE Showering will be available at the Tryst Sports Centre, tryst Walk, Cumbernauld, G67 1EW until 6pm.


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