Club T&F Championships RESULTS, Sun 10 Sep 2017

KAAC TF Club Championship Results 2017

Please note entries are based on Summer 2017 Age Group Categories.

10:30 F1 Hammer Boys & Girls
11:30 F2 Discus Boys
12:00 F4 Long Jump Boys
12:30 F3 Discus Girls
12:00 T1 3000m Boys u15 / Girls u15 final
T2 3000m Boys u17 / u20 / Senior Men Final
T3 3000m Girls u17 / u20 / Senior Women Final
13:00 F5 Long Jump Girls
13:30 F7 Javelin Boys & Girls
12:45 T4 100m Boys Under 11 heats
T5 100m Girls Under 11 heats
T6 100m Boys Under 13 heats
T7 100m Girls Under 13 heats
T8 100m Boys Under 15 heats
T9 100m Girls Under 15 heats
T10 100m Mens Under 17 heats
T11 100m Womens Under 17 heats
T12 100m Mens u20 / senior
T13 100m Womens u20 / senior
14:00 T14 800m Boys Under 11 Final
T15 800m Girls Under 11 Final
T16 800m Boys Under 13 Final
T17 800m Girls Under 13 Final
T18 800m Boys Under 15 Final
T19 800m Girls Under 15 Final
T20 800m Boys Under 17 Final
T21 800m Girls Under 17 Final
T22 800m Men Senior / U20 Final
T23 800m Women senior / U20 Final
14:30 F8 Shot Putt Boys
14:45 T24 200m Boys Under 11 heats
T25 200m Girls Under 11 heats
T26 200m Boys Under 13 heats
T27 200m Girls Under 13 heats
T28 200m Boys Under 15 heats
T29 200m Girls Under 15 heats
T30 200m Mens Under 17 heats
T31 200m Womens Under 17 heats
T32 200m Mens u20 / senior
T33 200m Womens u20 / senior
15:30 F9 Shot Putt Girls


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