National Relays Results, Sat 22 Apr 2017

Well done to the Kilbarchan teams in relay action at Grangemouth on Saturday.

They picked up a medal of each colour across three of the 3x800m relay events.

Women’s 3x800m Relay (Sen)
1 Kilbarchan Aac ‘A’ 7:38.59
1) #1822 Holly Thompson
2) #1823 Rona Tytler
3) #1824 Chloe Simpson

Men’s 3x800m Relay (U17)
2 Kilbarchan Aac ‘A’ 6:17.43
1) #1741 Craig Kennedy
2) #1742 Andrew MacAngus
3) #1743 Michael Simson

Women’s 3x800m Relay (U17)
3 Kilbarchan Aac ‘A’ 7:20.92
1) #1777 Laine Alemu
2) #1778 Libby Sutherland
3) #1779 Eilidh Gibson


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