National Road Relays Results, Sun 26 Mar 2017

The sun was shining on Livingston as the national road relays were fought for at the now traditional home.

The women’s team of Chloe Simpson, Christina Rankin, Jennifer Rooney & Hayley Haining performed well with Chloe coming in 16th ina tightly fought first leg before Christina went through the field to 6th.

Jennifer & Hayley then held position to see the team home in 6th overall.

Holly Thompson ran a great 20:01 first leg as the solo member of the B team.

The solitary men’s team had a real mixture of ages in it with veterans Robert Quinn leading the team and Donald Petrie bringing it home.

Robert Quinn led out with a 16:58 to come in 18th with Scott MacAulay then running well in 31:15 to bring us just outside the top 10. Robert McCulloch’s 18:49 saw Derek Hawkin’s take over 15th when he than ran the fastest long leg of any athlete in the race to come in 8th running 28:40.

Conor Thomson held onto 8th with a 17:44 before Donald Petrie brought the team home in 12th running a very solid 35:26.

Thanks to everyone who took part and made sure we had some representation.

Full Results

This race also saw the conclusion of the winter championships with results to follow when the tables have been updated.


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