Euro Cross Bronze for Callum, team Gold for GB

Callum Hawkins enjoyed double medal success in Chia, Italy yesterday afternoon as he captured an individual bronze medal and team gold at the Spar European Cross Country Championships.

Congratulations to Callum on performing amazing on the big stage once again in 2016.

The team gold medal saw Callum finish 3rd with Andy Butchart(4), Andy Vernon(5) and Ben Connor (16).

Video of the finish and Scottish athletics report

Senior Men Standings


‘I got out a lot better than I thought I would – I thought I’d be chasing but I saw Andy take it on and I thought ‘I’ll do it with him’,’ said Callum, who is coached by Robert Hawkins.

‘He almost got me – I fell off a bit about 4 laps in – but I managed to get it together. I wasn’t a fan of the mounds on the course; I felt like I was losing time over them, but when I got back on the flats it was about trying to break the two Turks, but they were too strong for me.

‘I think between me and Andy that one day he’ll probably beat me and the next I’ll beat him – it’s that even between us, but we both went for it. We’ve both only really been at it properly in the sport for four or five years, too, so we’ve still got a long time left in our careers.

‘I think that is the strongest senior men’s team we’ve had, maybe ever. We have four Olympians – in our top four we had  a sub 13:10 guy (5000m), a sub 61 guy (half marathon) and two sub 28 guys (10km). It is a really strong team and we are really pleased to come out with the gold.

Butchart, who is coached by Derek Easton, said: ‘I’m happy – Callum delivered a medal today and has put a lot of work in, but I definitely think if you want to beat the top guys you have to go for it, and for us to be that close to them and compete properly against them is great to see.

‘You never want to come off that course and think ‘I could have given it that bit more’, and I think that myself and Callum have both killed ourselves out there today – he’s got a medal and we’ve won team Gold, so it’s amazing to see that.’Euro Cross Bronze for Callum, team Gold for GB


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