Douglas Biggart

We were all very sad to hear the passing of Douglas Biggart on Saturday evening.  He will be sorely missed by all and our thoughts and condolences are with his family and friends.

His son Michael has passed on the details of the funeral arrangements at Paisley Woodside Crematorium this Friday 15th July at 10am

Michael Biggart posted this message.

My dad Douglas passed away last night peacefully after his hard fought year of cancer. I’m proud of how hard he has fought and all he has achieved in life including 551 skydives the rugby and band days, about 27 marathons and 55+ half marathons.
The best father I could dream of and supported me no matter what and helped me with everything, I couldn’t even describe how great a person he was. A man would love to smile and never show pain. We have done everything together, so many amazing memories growing up, all of them happy.

Dougie had lots of friends who were close to him through the likes of football, skydive, work, running club, music, rugby and so on. He loved and cared for every one of his friends and always put himself last after helping someone else. He believed and encouraged anyone he met with positive vibes and happiness .

Its hard to contact so many people who knew him so please give me a message for further arrangements x

A true inspiration, A true legend never forgotten, Douglas Biggart always in my heart.13600289_1137637862967831_7718544743664003875_n


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