DunRen OGM, Tues 19 Apr 2016, RESULTS


Thanks to all officials and volunteers on a great night of racing.

Start Lists Dun Ren OGM are now available for the first OGM at Linwood On-X tonight.

We look forward to welcoming athletes to the sold out event with great weather forecast for some early season track racing.


  • Registration for all meetings will open at 5.45pm. Entries will close 30 minutes before the published start time of each event event or at 7.30pm whichever is earlier. All athletes are required to collect their athlete number before this time.
  • Officials will try to accommodate as best as possible competitors who are competing in multiple events.
  • Final start times will be published the day before each meeting.
  • A heat for wheelchair athletes can be provided in all appropriate events if requested.

Seeding Times and Personal Bests
Athletes must declare their expected performance as accurately as possible within the entry to ensure the best possible seeding of events.  Athletes who do not enter a seed mark will receive the least favourable seeding.

Track events will be seeded according to performance not age group. All information requested on the Entry Form must be provided

Track Events – Order of races will be seeded fastest to slowest across the heats in all events.


Field Events – All competitors will receive at least 3 attempts at horizontal jumps & throwing events. Where time allows ands purely at the Field Referee’s discretion extra attempts may be offered.

Spectators – Admission is free to all spectators.

Linwood 19th April 2016
Track Field
Race Time Event Time
3000m 19:00 Hammer 18:30
100m A 19:15 Shot Putt 19:30
100m B 19:18 L/Jump 19:00
100m C 19:21
100m D 19:24
100m E 19:27
100m F 19:30
100m G 19:33
100m H 19:36
800m A 19:39
800m B 19:46
800m C 19:53
800m D 20:00
800m E 20:07
800m F 20:14
800m G 20:21
200m A 20:28
200m B 20:32
200m C 20:36
200m D 20:40
1500m A 20:44
1500m B 20:51

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