Balloch to Clydebank Half Marathon Results, Sun 13 Mar 2016

Full Results

The traditional Balloch to Clydebank half marathon took place this morning and it was a great day for the ladies winner Gemma Rankin.

Gemma heading for the finish photo by Iain Carrick

Euan Carrick finished not far behind Gemma in 24th overall a PB by just over a minute.

Euan on the cycle path photo by Iain Carrick

Chris Bell bagged himself a 2 minute PB running 1:27:30 with Grant Sandilands just down the road in 1:27:44 for a 5 minute PB.
Ryan Waldron fresh from a 10k PB last week ran 1:34:24 with Martin Dougall running a PB of 1:39:02.
Ali Meek had a strong run for 271st and a time of 1:48:46.

The Leven water providing some impressive results this morning.

22 Gemma Rankin 1:18:12
24 Euan Carrick 1:18:16
87 Chris Bell 1:27:30
92 Grant Sandilands 1:27:44
146 Ryan Waldron 1:34:24
178 Martin Dougall 1:39:02
271 Ali Meek 1:48:46


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