Winter Running Tips

As winter takes hold and Scotland is hit with a deluge of rain, wind and snow it’s important to think about several factors when running during this time, especially early in the morning or in the dark evenings.

I thought it would be useful as reminder of what to think about wearing for your own safety, five brief things to think about, feel free to add your on in the comments section.

Train with others were possible
Not only for motivational purposes to get you out the door but also there is safety in numbers and you are more likely to be seen by other road users and pedestrians if training as a group.
If you plan to run with a club or group session you are more likely to keep training than on your own it’s easy to say in the warm house with the rain battering off the window. Get out the door you will never regret a run when you are finished.

Don’t overdress
Remember you are going to get warm as the run progresses and your heart rate increases, nothing worse than being too warm and uncomfortably sweaty. Just because it’s wet doesn’t mean it’s freezing cold so adjust layers to suit the weather conditions and your effort levels.
You may want to wear more clothing on an easy run than say a harder interval session.

Wear bright clothing
I see so many runners just now (just!) out in dark clothing, it isn’t a fashion show, be seen wear bright tops and add reflectors to darker clothing if you don’t have anything bright. Stick to well-lit areas and avoid quiet country roads in the dark.
Consider wearing a head torch to increase your ability to see and also your visibility.

Check the weather forecast
Just because it’s dry and calm when you leave the house doesn’t mean it can’t turn nasty at the flick of a switch. Make sure you know if it’s going to turn wet and windy and take the appropriate clothing with you on your run, making sure you take heed of the previous advice not to overdress.
Plan your run to start into the wind and finish with the wind behind you.

Change quickly post run
Don’t linger in wet clothes, get changed quickly and dry yourself and get into warm clothes.
Carry a towel with you if you’re driving to a run, at least drying your face and hair before heading home. This can be particularly useful at cross country events with no changing facilities.
A lot of body heat is lost through your head so stick a dry hat on when you’re done.





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