National XC Relay Championships, RESULTS, Cumbernauld, Sat 24 Oct 2015

Full Results

Congratulations to everyone running at Cumbernauld this afternoon. Some great team efforts and the young males brought home gold and bronze.


Is at Cumbernauld High School G67 2UF.

Please car share if at all possible, the school car park will fill up.
There will be access to toilets and changing at the school

There is NO PUBLIC PARKING at the course. Officials & staff parking by permit only near the course (details and permits will be sent out separately). Please use the school and walk from there. The course is approximately 1.5miles from the car parking, allow 15-20mins walking time.


Declarations will take place at the Start/Finish area of the course in Cumbernauld Park NOT the School. Team Managers should collect the declaration sheets on the day and fill them in as instructed on the form. A list of athletes entered will be attached. Upon completing the declaration form, return it to declarations where you will then be issued with your relay team packs, one pack per relay team. Each pack will contain:

  • Race number (1 per leg of the relay team)
  • Timing chip (1 per leg of the relay team)
  • Zip ties (to attach timing chip)

All timing chips not used MUST be returned to declarations otherwise you will incur a charge.


The event will be chip timed for 2015. The chips will be within the relay team packs. Within the packs, each chip will be in individual envelopes and marked up as to which leg it is assigned to i.e. Team 1 – Leg 1, Team 1 – Leg 2, Team 1 – Leg 3. IMPORTANT you must wear the correct chip for the leg you are running. All chips must be returned upon completion of the event, any non-returned chips will incur a charge. There will be no manual backup or funnels, NO CHIP, NO TIME for your team.


There will be food available to purchase at the course along with toilets. Run4It will also be in attendance selling running footwear and apparel.  The café and toilets at the school will also be available. Do not use Cumbernauld Park as a toilet, use the facilities provided.

3rd Lap in Senior/Junior Men’s race wears Yellow numbers


1st Lap U13       2nd Lap U15 OR U13        3rd Lap U17 OR U15.


Men and Women Masters are aged 40+ on day of the race and need to

(1) Clearly mark on the declaration form on the day which teams are Masters.

(2) Mark a LARGE and clear “V” to the right on their numbers.

Medals for 1st three Masters teams for Men and Women

Men and Women Masters also for age 50+ on day of the race and need to

(1) Clearly mark on the declaration form on the day which teams are Masters 50+.

(2) Mark a LARGE and clear “X”  to the right of  their numbers.

Medals for 1st three Master’s W50 and M50 teams. Men’s M50+ teams run 3 legs not 4.

Athletes who are Masters but are not in complete Masters team’s should not mark a “V” or “X” next to their number.


All medal presentations including the Senior Men will take place at the finish immediately after each race. This includes the Master’s team medals.


Athletes can only run once, any team with an athlete running a 2nd time will have the whole team removed from the results.

Athletes who compete in a SAL championship MUST be current members of the Scottish Athletics Membership Scheme.

Furthermore, an entered athlete MUST not be substituted by a non-entered athlete at any time.

Non observance of the above leaves the athlete at a health risk in the case of a wrong identification of an athlete and makes the results invalid as an historic record. 


At previous year’s events there was an unacceptable amount of litter left in Cumbernauld Park. Please put litter in the bins provided or take it home.


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