Prize winners & return of trophies

Please see below a list of prize winners to be presented at the AGM on Wednesday 21st October.
Can all previous winners (marked as 13-14 below) return any trophies they have from last year to ensure they can be engraved before this date.
Also if all winners could be present to collect their trophy on Wednesday 21st October that would be great.

trophies 2015

Cross Country Championships 2014-15

Athlete Name Overall Place Winter Age Group
Under 11 Girls
Aurelia Tiffoney 2nd u11 girls
Under 11 Boys
Finlay Gray 1st u11 Boys
Sam McDowall 2nd u11 boys
Rueben McNeill 3rd u11 boys
Under 13 Girls
Alisha Sivell 1st u13 girls
Leona Murray 2nd u13 girls
Eilidh Gibson 3rd u13 girls
Under 13 Boys
Lewis Hannigan 1st u13 boys
Ruairi Johnson 2nd u13 boys
Under 15 Boys
Craig Kennedy 1st u15 boys
Under 15 Girls
Rona Tytler 1st u15 girls
Kim Crawford 2nd u15 girls
U17 Women
Katie Hall 1st u17 Women
Emma Fulton 2nd u17 Women
Senior Men
Donald Petrie 1st Sen Men
Alan Craig 2nd Sen Men
Senior Women
Jennifer Rooney 1st Sen Women

Track & Field Championships (Female) 2015

Track Field
Bib No.  Name Sex Age Group Position Position
142 Pamela Cameron F S 2nd Track
174 Siobhan Inglis F S 1st Track
1 Rachel Pugh F S 1st Field
Karen Costello F S 2nd Field
43 Kirsty Costello F U13 1st Field
41 Kimberley Gilchrist F U13 2nd Track
79 Erin Johnston F U13 3rd Track
67 Linda Lay F U13 2nd Field
6 Alisha Sivell F U13 1st Track
62 Ola Zurakowska F U13 3rd Field
155 McKenzie Cunningham F U15 2nd Track
13 Emilie Drysdale McEwan F U15 3rd=Track
39 Eilidh Gibson F U15 1st Track
170 Hannah Lee F U15 3rd=Track 3rd Field
161 Rachel Shaw F U15 2nd Field
64 Zuzanna Szafranska F U15 1st Field
191.0 Carla Thomas F U15 3rd=Track
38 Erin Campbell F U17 1st Track
89 Emma Devine F U17 2nd=Track
49 Heather Fawcett F U17 1st Field
84 Iona Miller F U17 2nd=Track
88 Shona Ross F U20 2nd Field
181 Mia Shepherd F U20 1st Track 1st Field

Track & Field Championships (Male) 2015

Track Field
Bib No.  Name Sex Age Group Position Position
412 David Mushet M S 1st Field
8 Grant Sandilands M S 2nd Track
287 Normal Groves M S 3rd Track
300 Ryan Waldron M S 1st Track
5 Lewis Hannigan M U13 3rd Place
58 Oliver Lee M U13 3rd Field
149 Elliot Nixon M U13 3rd Track
144 Jack Patton M U13 1st Track
2 Robert Pugh M U13 1st Field
50 Michael Wilson M U13 2nd Field
173 Liam Donoghue M U15 1st Track
195 Scott Howieson M U15 3rd Field
186 David McNair M U15 3rd Track
194 Harry Walton M U15 2nd Track
97 Jamie Brown M U17 3rd Track
42 Andrew Costello M U17 1st Field
91 Craig Ross M U17 2nd Track 2nd Field
55 Alex Watters M U17 1st Track
461 Ewan McKerral M U20 2nd Track
7 Billy Russell M U20 1st Track 1st Field


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