Club T&F Championships 2015 – Results

KAAC Club Championship Results Day 1 & 2

Can you remind your athletes particularly for sprints events that entries close 3 days before each event to allow for race seeding where needed. Although there will be limited entry on the night those that do enter on the night will not be eligible for seeding. They’ll just be placed in the next available race no matter what their performance levels. Basically, if they want in the fastest possible race then they need to pre-enter.

2015 TF Champs timetable

Day 1: Tuesday 1st September

Day 1 Track Day1 Field
7.00 200m u13g Long Jump
7.10 200m u13b 7.10 u13s
7.25 200m u15g Go after
7.40 200m u15b 200 race
7.50 200m u17w approx
7.55 200m u17m 7.45 u15s
8.00 200m SWomen
8.05 200m SMen
8.15 1500m u13g 8.10 u17&Sen
8.25 1500m u13b
8.35 1500 u15.u17,SW
8.50 1500 u15,u17,SM

Day 2: Thursday 3rd September

Day 2 Track Day 2 Field
7.00 u13gHurd High Jump
7.15 u13bHurd 7.10 u13s
7,35 u15gHurd start at 1.00m
7.45 u15bHurd then 1.10
8.00 u17w,SWH app7.30 u15s
8.10 u17mHurd start at 1.10
8.20 SM Hurd
app8.00 all others
8.30 u17w 300H start at 1.20 min
8.40 var 400mH

Day 3: Tuesday 8th September

Day 3 Track Day 4 Field
7.00 u13g 100m Triple Jump
7.15 u13b 100m
7.30 u15g 100m
7.40 u15m 100m
7.50 u17w 100m
7.55 SW100m
8.00 u17m 100m
8.10 SM 100m
8.15 u13g 800m
8.20 u13b 800m
8.30 u15.u17,SW 800m
8.40 u15b 800m
8.50 u17,SM 800m

Day 4: Thursday 10th September

Day 4 Track
7.00 u15g 300
7.10 u17g 300
7.15 SW 400
7.20 u15b 400
7.30 u17b 400
7.40 SM 400
7.50 u13-17g3K
8.05 u13b 3K
8.25 u15-17b 3K
8.40 SM, SW 5K

Day 5: Saturday 12th September

Day 5 Field
10.00 Discus
10.00 Shot
12.00 Javelin
12.00 Hammer (Only available to athletes who have received the appropriate coaching)

 NB .. Times are only approximate but we will start each evening, on time
.. so BE EARLY to declare and warm up.
Declarations from 5.45 on week nights

NB, Some events, eg longer track races, might be amalgamated

NB .. There will be no heats .. If numbers are too large for straight finals, races will be seeded and points based on times.

In Field events, except High Jump, 3 attempts only .. extra for Sens at the discretion of officials

NB .. High Jump will run continuously, starting 1.00 metres for u13s, then 1.10 with u15s coming in … u17s and older start 1.20 min
Do not miss your jump because the bar will not go down for any reason.



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