Midsummer Highland Relay Results, Sat 20 Jun 2015

The team of David Mackintosh, Norman Groves and Steven Hill teamed up once again to take on the second half of the West Highland in the Midsummer Highland Relay. This was the second running of the event and it was as well organised as last year and made for a great day out.

 David was in 5th place to Bridge of Orchy but a 35:36 at the Brian Goodwin 10k on Friday night may have caught up with him as he tired and fell back to 18th coming into Glencoe Ski Centre in 2:28:49. Norman took on the baton and literally flew down the hill covering the first mile in 5:33. After clambering up the Devil’s staircase he had a fight with a rock (the rock won) and nursed some bruised toes into the Kinlochleven checkpoint gaining a place to sit 17th completing the hilly 10.5 miles in 1:35:28.  Steven Hill took over and made up a few places in an incident free run taking 2:09:33 to get to the finish in Fort William. The team finished 12th place overall in 6:13:50.

2015 Midsummer Highland Relay Results with Splits


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