Men’s League Inverness results, Sun 14 Jun 2015

Full Results

Men’s league results from Inverness today, brilliant performances, well done everyone.

league table

400m hurdles A Connor Henderson 2nd 54.45s

800m A: Sam Davies 4th 1m57.60s

800m B: Connor Thomson 8th 2m10.32s

100m A: Blair Crawford 3rd 11.22s w-1.6 m/s

100m B: Drew Yeoman 3rd 11.95s w+0.2 m/s

3000m s/c: Ewan McKerral 4th 10m24.14s

110m H A: Andrew Murphy 2nd 16.05s w-0.9 m/s

400m A: Connor Henderson 3rd 50.57s

400m B: Sam Davies 3rd 52.49s

1500m A: Callum Matthews 6th 4m03.40s

1500m B: Connor Thomson 6th 4m26.51s

200m A: Blair Crawford 1st 22.13s w -0.1 m/s

200m B: Drew Yeoman 5th 24.22s w+0.8m/s

5000m A: Scott MacAulay 6th 16m42.44s

Times and positions courtesy of timekeeper Jason Pender, field results to follow.


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