National Road Relay Champions

The men’s team secured a first win at the 6 stage road relays in Livingston today.

scottishathletics report

Link to Full Results


Callum Matthews ran the first short leg in 16:12 (5th), before handing over to Derek Hawkins who brought the team into the lead with the fastest long leg of the day in 28:08.

Derek pushes the team into the lead on long leg 2

This was held by Gavin McArdle who stomred the short leg with the fastest time on that leg 15:25 and Euan Gillham who ran 29:46.

Gavin crossing the final bridge on the short 3rd leg

A returning from injury Scott MacAulay lost some ground but kept Central in sight with a 16:58 short leg and Callum Hawkins anchored the team very well to bring the trophy home, securing the second fastest long leg time of 28:29.

Callum Hawkins puts in a final push down the home straight

Photos by Bobby Gavin 

Also congratulations to our female 4 stage team (Sarah Dempsey, Gemma Rankin, Jennifer Rooney & Catherine Stewart) who crossed the line in 8th place and our second full men’s team (Steven Hill, Bastian Gloeden, Ryan Waldron, Gary Downey, Donald Petrie & Gianni Pagliocca) who finished 36th in a combined time of 2:49:22.

Athletics Scotland
Bobby Gavin (Thatonemoment)
Kenny Phillips


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