Brampton to Carlisle 10 Results, Sun 16 Nov 2014

Full Results

Congratulations to Brian in his run yesterday.

509 Brian Graham 1:25:06

Race Report:

I had heard of this race a few years ago and many had spoken fondly of it. I knew that a busload of the Calderglen Harriers made the trip every year and I arranged to meet up with them to take part in the race. We left East Kilbride at 8am and were at the race registration in Brampton for 9:45. The weather conditions were ideal for distance racing and the race got of promptly at 11:30. The first mile was very quick and I found myself getting swept along at a pace that I’m not fit to sustain at the moment. I settled down to a more manageable pace and was soon enjoying the experience of an undulating and scenic course. I felt really good up to about 7miles, but had to dig in for the last 3 as I hadn’t really done any distance training for some time. I finished in 1:25, a little better than expected when I consider my current level of fitness and an extra few pounds. We spent a couple of hours in Carlisle before heading to Moffat for dinner in the Star hotel. The meal was delicious and really enjoyed some of the banter in the pub for an hour before heading back to East Kilbride. I had a fantastic day out and would certainly recommend doing the race, I’m pretty sure I’ll be returning.

Brian Graham


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