Minute of Committee Meeting, Mon 11 Aug 2014

Kilbarchan A.A.C. Minute of Committee Meeting, Monday 11th. August 2014, Linwood Sports Centre, 20:30

PRESENT J. Pender, E. Green, J. Green, J. Goudie, M. McFarlane, M. Cunningham, R. Hawkins, J. Gillham, R. Miell, A. Stark.


The minutes of the previous  meeting, held 30/06/14 already circulated were approved, proposed by J. Goudie  seconded by  J. Pender.


  • Honorary Life Members agreed to award to H. Haining, Jason to write & award at Club AGM.
  • Commonwealth Games Participants list consists of: H. Haining, C. Hawkins, D. Hawkins, J. Pender, C. Stoop, L. Belch, M-A. McLaughlin, P. Ross, M. Ross, M. Cunningham, S. McLay, E. McNicol, K. Costello, D. Henderson, C. Matthews, J.                   McNidder, F. Campbell, G. Fawcett, J. Fawcett, J. Reekie, S. Devine, G. McArdle, E. Kelly, P. McKinnon, J. Green, A. Barker.


Results: Commonwealth Games Marathon D. Hawkins 9th. first Briton in 2:14:15 &  H. Haining 13th. second Scot in 2:40:40; 10K. – Callum Hawkins 20th. in 29:12:52;  Celtic Games in Dublin 1500m G. McArdle 4:01.25, 800m J. Reekie 2:15.13;  many new Club Records broken recently, other results on Club Website.

Correspondence: notice of Scottishathletics AGM Saturday 20th. September at Emirates Stadium 12:00; possible donation of  £500 or £1000 from University of West of Scotland.


JUNE                                                      JULY

Income                                                                                    6296.50                                                   3921.50

Expenditure                                                                             4661.13                                                   2141.75

Profit (Loss)                                                                            1635.37                                                   1779.75

Comments: a lot of outgoings this period such as flyers & share of Team West bus; looking at feasibility of building a clubhouse or similar; books close for year on 28th. August, auditor is in place; agreed to pay a fee this year due to extra work involved. M.C. asked about possibility of payment to prizewinners, not agreed.


455 members, 58 leavers, 12 not paid.


Agreed dates for Club Championships 9th., 11th.& 13th. Sep. 18:30 start & 10:00 to 14:00, J.P. to fix timetable & circulate for approval; AGM discussed venues, to be decided; Club 40th. Anniversary committee consisting of J. Goudie, J. Green, J. Rodger & R. Hawkins to discuss format & options.


Discussed proposals, vacancies & resignations, R. Miell wishes to step down; R.H. stated that Scottishathletics would prefer the CTO to liaise closer with the Club Coaching Convenor  to mentor potential coaches; various proposals were made about Special Award Winners & decided to have an email list with the results to be confirmed at the next Committee Meeting; Paisley 10K & Fun Run on 31st. August, all in hand, usual helpers needed; G. Cummings Road Relay – Permit in, road to be closed, need to check that hall is booked.


Good Commonwealth Games, need to look at Club Coaching Structure.



Confirmed date of Renfrewshire X/C Champs in November; G. Cummings details all in hand.


Christina Rankin won the Ben Sheann Hill Race 31st/71 in 35:12.


Last Men’s League Meeting 30th. should finish in the top three; Saturday 6th. Sep. Scottish ? Marathon Championships.


NON COMPETING STATUS Identified need to change the wording for this class of membership, only to be for coaches, officials & helpers.

  1. DEREK PARKER Discussed recent obituary & suitable memorial.
  2. HAWKINS FAMILY R. H. expressed their thanks for all messages of support for the boys.
  3. CHILDREN NUMBERS Agreed to have a clause in Membership Form that a parent must help in the club.

Date of next meeting , Monday 1st. September 2014, Linwood Sports Centre at 20:30.  There being no further business the meeting closed at 22.00.


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