GAA Miler Meet Results, Sat 17 May 2014

Full Results

5000m B Race
3rd Hayley Haining 17:02.03
6th Gary Downey 17:43.00

1500m A Race
3rd Gavin McArdle 3:56.34
5th Russell Mountford 3:58.76
6th Scott MacAulay 4:01.03

1500m C Race
7th Conor Thomson 4:25.27

1500m D Race
3rd Aidan Comerford 4:27.05

1500m E Race
4th Andrew MacAngus 4:40.20
6th Jemma Reekie 4:40.58
7th Laura Stark 4:43.60

1500m F Race
8th Kerry MacAngus 4:53.03

1500m H Race
5th Craig Kennedy 4:54.89



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