National Road Relays, Sun 30 Mar 2014

Races start at 12pm (clocks go forward on Saturday night, don’t be late!)

(1)   Parking is at West Lothian College (see location on course map)

There is NO PARKING at St Margaret Academy for athletes.

(2)   1st Leg is SHORT (3.1miles) 2nd leg is LONG (5.8miles)

Six Alternate Laps for Men Four Alternate Laps for Women

(3)   Short Leg’s wear RED numbers. Long Legs wear YELLOW numbers apart from the 6th and Final Men’s leg who wear WHITE numbers.

(4)   Men and Women Masters Teams are from age 40, age on day of the race. Masters teams should mark a LARGE and clear “V” on there numbers.

There are medals for 1st 3 Masters teams for Men and Women.

(5)   M50 Men’s teams and W50 Women’s teams are from age 50 on the day.

M50 Men’s teams run 4 legs ONLY. W50 Women’s teams run 3 legs ONLY

M50 and W50 teams should mark a LARGE and clear “X” on their numbers

There are medals for 1st M50 and 1st W50 teams.

(6)   Any Men who have not started the 6th and final leg before the 1st 3 men’s team have finished the race will go off on a “mass “ start at approx 2hours 20minutes race time. This start is likely to comprise of around 8 teams.

(7)   Athletes can only run once, any team with an athlete running a 2nd time will have the whole team removed from the results.

(8)   Presentation of Women’s medals will take place at the finish immediately after the race.

(9)   Presentation of Men’s medals will take place in the café after the race




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