Event Specific Coaching Days

scottishathletics has four more important Coach Education sessions lined up for December.

These dates are key learning steps for those involved in the four areas of Throws, Sprints/Hurdles, Endurance and
Jumps following the international gathering IFAC 2013.

Now our Director of Coaching, Stephen Maguire, has urged Scottish coaches to embrace the next stage of the
programme and interested coaches can email Mary Anderson on


So the weekend of December 7 and 8 and Sunday 15 December should already be ringed on the calendar as Event Specific Coach Education sessions take place across the disciplines at the various venues.

The schedule is as follows:

Saturday 7 Dec: Throws – Grangemouth
Sunday 8 Dec: Sprints/Hurdles – Grangemouth
Sunday 8 Dec: Endurance – Stirling University
Sunday 15 Dec: Jumps – Pitreavie

‘Our dates in December are important,’ said Stephen Maguire.

‘We are getting into the nitty-gritty of events that weekend, looking at technical issues and the conditioning and planning aspects. We’re looking to move it on a bit from the sessions we had in September.

‘The messages are the same but it is about applying them. I feel people are getting to know each other better.
I’d ask coaches to come along and talk to the presenters. We’re trying to have continuity of presenters so it is not stand alone.

‘I will never be happy with the turnout. If we had 70 or 80 percent of all our coaches coming along that would be absolutely amazing – but I would still be disappointed.

‘My message to people is we are not putting this on, or organising education sessions, for the sake of the egos
at scottishathletics. Everything we are trying to set-up and arrange is for the benefit of our coaches and our clubs.

‘We are not going to get everything right. But we are striving to get it right. We want to try and make sure we are making the proper decisions and we appreciate the support we’ve had. ‘

The December sessions are open to all coaches. Athletes selected to be invited to attend will be contacted via
their coach.

For any more details on the programme please email Darren Ritchie on


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