Scottish National XC Relays, Cumbernauld, Sat 26 Oct 2013

Venue, changing & Declarations at Cumbernauld High School G67 2UF.

If you are running this Saturday please turn up at the school in plenty of time so that teams can be selected and they can get to the course on time. The start line is 1.5 miles from the school changing facilities.

Bus Times Leaving From
Bulls garage Br of Weir 10.00am
Kilbarchan library 10:10am
Beith Rd garage 10.15am
Thorndene 10.20am
Canal St bus stop 10.30am
Race Times
Girls 12:30pm
Boys 1:05pm
Senior Women 1:40pm
Senior Men 2:40pm

Expect to be at Cumbernauld HS for 11.15 where we will get numbers and everyone ready.

Bus £5, if going direct £4
There should be spare seats on the bus.

Return journey provisionally leaving around 4:00pm.

Please fill out the form below to confirm your participation in this event.


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